What is CAD Automation, CAD Customization & CAD API Programming?

CAD automation & Customization is 

Writing some computer programs that does some or all of the CAD works automatically some works includes

  • Engineering calculations automation
  • 3D Modelling automation
  • Assembly design automation
  • Drawings automation 
  • Title block and BOM automations
  • PDF/IGES/STEP conversion Automations
  • Reading and Editing Bodies, Faces & Edges Information 
  • Integrating with Excel and any other applications.

Why Learn CAD Automation & Customization

300 %
300 %
More Salary

Many people knows CAD but only a few knows CAD Automation and all CAD companies need this skill, so there is huge demand.


Compared to CAD 3D Design or Modeling Get 3 to 5 times  more salary in CAD Automation or Customization  Programming.


 CAD Automation & Customization programs are not very difficult to learn because we use mostly the API which does all the work.


Manual Draftsmen are replaced by CAD Engineers

20 Years before if any engineer knows even the basics of CAD they used to get good job and salary growth because they were several times more productive than the existing manual draftsman who works with drawing board and mini drafter. 

And slowly CAD engineers replaced the manual draftsman completely.


CAD Engineers are getting replaced by CAD Customization Engineers or Programmers.

In 2020 CAD engineer jobs are becoming like data entry operator job, no growth in salary and there are many freshers with this skill ready to replace.

But CAD Automation & Customization engineers are several times more productive than CAD engineers. Every CAD company needs CAD Automation engineers but there are only few in the market.

What is CAD Customization?

Complete Course Overview

In the above video, we have explained the following in details

  • What is CAD Automation and customization and how it works with sample programs?
  • Why companies are paying very high salary for CAD Automation or customization Engineers?
  • How will be career growth in CAD Customization compared with CAD design?
  • Who can learn CAD customization / Automation?
  • How much will be initial salary?
  • How to utilize our past experience in CAD design?
  • How is CAD customization job opportunities at present?
  • Which CAD customization course is more in demand?
  • I have experience in NX Design and can I learn CATIA customization or vice versa?
  • Which programming language is good for CAD customization & automation?