Revit API Automation & Customization Training

Revit API Automation & Customization Training & Project Consultant

Get step by step interactive online training or In-person Corporate Training on Revit API with C# Language, .NET Framework & Visual Studio IDE.

Be Super Productive

Why Learn Revit Automation & Cutomization?


Revit developers or programmers get very high  salary and career growth compared to CAD or Revit Designers or 3D modelers.

Very few people knows Revit API programming. But there are lot of vacancies so this the best time to learn Revit API programming.

We have trained many people and they are very successful in their career. We know how to teach this subject to any Engineers who are new to programming.

Course Structure & Syllabus

  • Basic Programming Concepts like data types, decision makings, loopings, array, collections, error handling, files handling.
  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts like class, objects, constructors, methods, inheritance, interface, namespace, etc.,
  • Console Application Development 
  • User Interface Design Using Windows Form Applications (Diallogbox/Forms with various controls like Buttons, Menus, Listbox, Check Boxes, etc.,)
  • DLL / Class Library Development
  • Developing & Debugging Programs in Visual Studio
Windchill Customization Training Syllabus
Download C#.NET Detailed Syllabus
Revit API Customization Training
  • Revit API Concepts & Architecture
  • Create external commands & applications as Revit add-in or plug-in 
  • Find, Select, Filter  Elements through Revit API
  • Element creation & Transformations through Revit API.
  • Revit Family through Revit API.
  • Read, Modify Geometry Dimensions & Materials through Revit API.
  • Automate Creating or Editing of Detail drawings/Sheets with Views & Annotations.
  • Handling Revit Events Through Revit API Programming
  • Handling Revit Failures Through Revit API Programming
  • Extensible Storage
  • Revit & MS Excel Through Revit API Programming
  • Batch Processing.
Windchill Customization Training Syllabus
Download Revit API Detailed Syllabus
Sample Project: Export Revit Family to AutoCAD Blocks
Revit API sample project Geometry creation
Revit API Sample Project Family Placement
Automated Column Reinforcement (Rebar)
Revit API Sample Project Batch Sheet Generator


Fees Structure

Total Fees for Training
US Dollar: 1000

Revit Automation & Customization training fees includes both programing language training & Revit API Training.


Course Duration

Total duration for Revit Automation & Customization training is 2 Months.

1st month:
Programming language training (C#.NET )

2nd Month:
Revit API Training.

Batch Timings

We can customize the batch timings. Here is the most common timings.

Week Days

  1. Monday to Friday
  2. Daily 1 Hour
  3. Duration: 2 Months

Weekend Training

  1. Saturdays: 2.5 Hours
  2. Sundays : 2.5 Hours
  3. Duration: 2 Months

What is Revit API Customization Training?

Revit API is Application Programming Interface (API) for Autodesk Revit.

With the help of Revit API Programming we can easily create custom functions to do some tasks Automatically in Autodesk Revit. 


All participants must have Revit Software knowledge.

Need not to have prior knowledge on computer programming. 

We will teach from basics of computer programming to professional Revit Automation & Customization.

How to enroll?

How to get very high salary in Autodesk Revit?

Revit API programmers will get 200% to 500% more  salary than Revit or BIM  modelers

Who can learn Revit API Programming?

Engineers or Architect or anyone with good knowledge on Autodesk Revit can learn and benefit a lot from this course.

Why learn Revit customization from feesworth?

We are the pioneer in this domain and We have  proven track record.

We are teaching CAD Automation & Customization since 2013.

Which programming language is for Revit Automation & Customization ?

C#.NET is widely used for all CAD and Revit Customization.

You can use the same skill to customize other CAD tools like AutoCAD, NX etc.,

I have More experience in Revit BIM modeling can I learn Revit Automation & Customization?

That is an advantage for you. You can fully utilize your skills & Experience in CAD & BIM tools.

You can easily judge and take right decision on what to be automated and what is the value of that automation.

So, You can lead the team of design engineers as well as developers.

If I learn Revit Automation & Customization can I do AutoCAD customization?

Yes and No.

The programming concept you learn in the first half of the training is common for all CAD customization.

The CAD API you learn in the second half of the training is specific to one particular CAD Tool.

So, I you learn any one then others can be learned very easily.