This course provides in-depth instruction on BI abilities that are applicable to the industry, such as Power BI architecture, service, desktop, mobile apps, visualisations, and gaining business insights. Get the greatest Power BI course online right now.

This Course Module is made up for:

Data Analysts
Business Managers
Excel Users

Learn How to Utilize PowerBI Features

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to PowerBI
  • Course Introduction
  • Data & Resource Downloads
  • What is DAX and Importance?
  • A review of the Data Scenario
  • Setting up the Power BI Model
Module 3: Data Modelling
  • What is Data Modeling?
  • Relationships between Tables
  • Entity-Relationship Model
Module 5: Reports & Visualisations
  • Visualisation Options
  • Colour and Themes
  • Custom Visuals
Module 2: Querying & Transforming Data
  • Query Editor Concept
  • Transformations of Data
  • Creating a Date Table
  • Organising the Queries
  • Advanced transformations
Module 4: DAX Calculations
  • What is DAX?
  • Types of Functions in DAX
  • Calculate Coulns and Measure
Module 6: Online Service
  • Publish to Online Service
  • Dashboards & Apps
  • Natural Language query


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