AWS Cloud Computing Course and Training

Learn how to set up and optimise AWS services according to the needs of the database, network, storage, cost, and compute.

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The AWS Cloud Computing Course starts from zero to make it easier for students who are unfamiliar with AWS Cloud Computing or even with IT to comprehend and perform practical work in the cloud.

AWS Cloud Computing Course and Training

Since the majority of businesses are switching from internal databases to cloud settings, AWS has become the new standard in today’s society. The process of moving data into and out of a cloud environment is one of the most difficult parts of the transformation described above. By offering a variety of data-moving services, each of which offers varying degrees of speed, security, cost, and performance, AWS addresses this issue.

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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction To Cloud & AWS
  • Description of AWS and its benefits
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
  • Benefits of Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
  • Elastic Load Balancing Description and Benefits
  • Amazon SNS & Amazon SQS
Module 3: Networking
  • Public and Private Networking Resources
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Security used in IT strategy
Module 5: Monitoring and Analytics
  • Monitoring AWS environment
  • Amazon CloudWatch & Amazon CloudTrail
  • Benefits of AWS Trusted Advisor
Module 2: AWS Infrastructure & Reliability
  • Benefits of the AWS Global Infrastructure
  • Concept of Availability Zones
  • Amazon CloudFront and Edge locations
  • Methods for provisioning AWS services
  • Regional Edge Caches
Module 4: Storage and Databases
  • Amazon EBS, Amazon S3 & Amazon EFS
  • Amazon Relational Database Service
  • Amazon DynamoDB
Module 6: Migration and Innovation
  • AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF)
  • Cloud Migration Strategy
  • AWS Snowcone, AWS Snowball, AWS Snowmobile


Sessions Led by Professionals

We provide 10 sessions, per session to 2 hours to complete the course.

Real-Life Case Studies

We have included countless examples and case studies from real life.

Assignments & Projects

You will receive assignments, study material, and projects after each session.

Exclusive Support

You will have access to our expert support in a specific time frame.

Completion Certificate

We will provide you a Course Completion Certificate once you have finished the course.

Job Assistance

Depending on your CTC, experience, and current skills, you will receive 100% job support.

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